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Jesus College, Oxford
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nationality, dynastic marriage, Northern Italy, transalpine relations
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DPhil candidate in Early Modern History, focusing particularly on the cultural history of late-Renaissance Italy.  My current research looks at dynastic marriages between the courts of Florence, Ferrara, and France in the sixteenth century, and the perception of the ‘other’ seen in these moments of cultural interaction.  I am particularly interested in the idea of nationhood and national identity in the Early Modern period, and conceptions of overlapping identities.

Recent Publications


‘The Granata Svampante: Alfonso d’Este’s Projections of Strength and Prudence’. Emblematica, 5 (2023) pp. 83-139. (peer-reviewed)

‘Sixteenth-century Renaissance Utopianism: Conceptions of Ideal and Virtuous Governments in Gasparo Contarini’s Treatise on Venice, and Thomas More’s Utopia’. Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval & Renaissance Studies, vol. 51 (2020) pp. 131–156. (peer-reviewed)

Book Reviews

Artisans, Objects, and Everyday Life in Renaissance Italy: The Material Culture of the Middling Classes by Paula Hohti Erichsen. Renaissance and Reformation 44, no. 3 (2021) pp. 275-277.

A Renaissance Marriage: The Political and Personal Alliance of Isabella d’Este and Francesco Gonzaga, 1490-1519 by Carolyn James. Renaissance and Reformation 43, no. 3 (2020) pp. 319–321. 

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