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King's College London
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Ancient Greek Literature and Culture, Greek Tragedy, Classical Reception Studies, Global Receptions of Ancient Greek Drama, Engagements with Greco-Roman Antiquity in Latin America and the Caribbean
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My full list of publications can be found here, and copies of my articles here.


(ed.), The Greek Trilogy of Luis Alfaro: Electricidad; Oedipus El Rey; Mojada, Methuen Drama [Bloomsbury] 2020.

Greeks and Romans on the Latin American Stage, co-edited with K. P. Nikoloutsos, Bloomsbury 2020.

Paths of Song: The Lyric Dimension of Greek Tragedy, co-edited with T. Coward and T. Hadjimichael, Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume 58, De Gruyter 2018.


Selected articles and book chapters:

2020: ‘Pedro Henríquez Ureña, el Sócrates del Caribe y el Ateneo de la Juventud’, in Pedro Henríquez Ureña ARCHIVOS X, ed. M. D. Mena (Cielonaranja, 2020), 387-420 [= Spanish translation by M. D. Mena of Andújar 2018 ‘The Caribbean Socrates’, in Classics in Extremis: The Edges of Classical Reception, ed. E. Richardson (Bloomsbury), 101-114].

2020: ‘Choral Mirroring in Euripides’ Phaethon’, in Greek Drama V: Studies in the Theatre of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BCE, eds. C. W. Marshall and H. Marshall (Bloomsbury), 101-114.

2019: ‘Sites of Performance and Circulation’, in A Cultural History of Tragedy in Antiquity, ed. E. Wilson (Bloomsbury), 35-48.

2018: ‘Pedro Henríquez Ureña’s Hellenism and the American Utopia’, Bulletin of Latin American Research Vol. 37, S1 [Antiquities and Classical Traditions in Latin America, eds. A. Laird & N. Miller], 168-180.

2016: ‘Uncles ex Machina: Familial Epiphany in Euripides’ Electra’, Ramus Vol. 45, No. 2, 165-191.

2015: ‘Revolutionizing Greek Tragedy in Cuba: Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó’, in The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas, eds. K. Bosher, F. Macintosh, J. McConnell, and P. Rankine (Oxford), 361-379.


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