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Shimoni Stoil
Clemson University
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rural America, rural politics, US politics, political culture, US-Israel relations, agrarian politics, agricultural history, Cold War history, farm protests, US conservatism, transnational conservatism, Israeli conservatism, Israeli politics
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Used to be a journalist and now I’m just writing extremely long-form about rural America, conservatism, and US-Israel politics.  Sometimes I write short-form to and would be happy to entertain pitches. Love commenting about all things rural/politics and have done so for groups big and small, and on-screen as well as on background.  Come for the currentist analysis, stay for the deep dive into political rhetorics of belt buckle trends on e-bay.

Recent Publications

“Netanyahu’s Indictment Hurts Trump, and Trump’s Impeachment Hurts Netanyahu,” (2019)

“The Forgotten Lessons of LBJ’s Domestic Legacy,” Washington Monthly (2019)

“What if Tariffs Cost Trump the Farm Vote,” (2018)

“How the GOP became a ‘Pro-Israel’ Party,”  (2017)


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US, US Diplomatic, US-Israel
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Middle East, United States
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8, 9
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American Presidents, Capitalism, Diplomacy, Politics, Rural & Agrarian History