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Institute of Philosophy, Department of Comenius Studies and Early Modern Intellectual History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
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early modern history, transcultural history, history of mobility, translation history, women´s and gender history, cultural exchange and gift exchange, religious history, print culture, visual culture, Habsburg monarchy, Central Europe
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I am currently a Senior Researcher at the Department of Comenius Studies and Early Modern Intellectual History at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. I am an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University in Prague. In my work I put special emphasis on interconnecting history with cultural anthropology and visual and literary studies.
I focus on transcultural phenomena in early modern history (history of mobilities, translation history, gift exchange, correspondence networks). My past research projects include for example the edition of the German diary kept by the Silesian noble woman Gabriela Sobková of Kornice (co-edited with Veronika Marková; published in 2009), an English article on early modern convent entry sermons or a chapter on conceptualizations of piety in recent historiography within a collective monograph on key concepts in world historiography which was published by the Charles University in Prague. Recently, I have finished a research grant project which resulted into my habilitation monograph on textual practices, material culture and cultural exchange of the Sweerts-Sporck family in the eighteenth century. In the academic year 2018 – 2019 I was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall. My ORCID is

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