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University of North Carolina Greensboro
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US feminism, multiracial feminism, black feminism, recent US history, social movements, online feminism, global feminism, women and public policy, feminism and economic justice.
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Lisa Levenstein is Associate Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the author of the award-winning, A Movement Without Marches: African American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia (UNC Press, 2009). Levenstein writes pieces on the recent history of women’s activism in the United States for both academic and popular audiences. She has held fellowships from the American Association of University Women, the Center for African American Urban Studies and the Economy, the National Humanities Center, and the American Council of Learned Societies. Her current book project is on the reconstitution of US feminism in the 1990s and beyond (under contract with Basic Books).

Recent Publications

Recent opinion pieces: 

“Protests at Charlotte Abortion Clinic Go Too Far,” Charlotte Observer, September 20, 2017.

“On Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Taking Stock of Unrealized Promises,” Raleigh News and Observer, January 22, 2016. Reprinted in the Greensboro News and Record as “The Fight to Protect Women’s Choices Continues,” January 24, 2016.

“McElraft Shows how GOP Agenda Attacks Women’s Health Choices,” Raleigh News  and Observer, April 8, 2015.

“NC Lawmakers’ Wily Ways on Women’s Health,” Raleigh News and Observer, June 6, 2014. A second version ran as “Lawmakers Put Ideology Before Health,” Greensboro   News and Record, June 15, 2014.

“Public Deserves to be Heard on Abortion Bill,” Greensboro News and Record, July 12, 2013.

“McCrory’s Education Decree is Misguided,” Greensboro News and Record, February 3, 2013.


Recent Academic articles:

“A Social Movement for a Global Age: US Feminists and the Beijing Women’s Conference of 1995,” Journal of American History, forthcoming September 2018.

“Faxing Feminism: The Global Women’s Movement and the 1995 Controversy over Huairou,” Global Social Policy, 14:2 (August 2014): 228-43.

“‘Don’t Agonize, Organize!’ The Displaced Homemakers Campaign and the Contested Goals of 1970s Feminism,” Journal of American History 100:4 (March 2014): 144-68.

Co-authored with Cornelia Hughes Dayton, “The Big Tent of U.S. Women’s and Gender History: A State of the Field,” Journal of American History, 99:3 (December 2012): 793-817.

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