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medieval, Wales, Celtic studies, medieval gender, medieval women, medieval sexuality, manuscripts, palaeography, literary history
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Frequently in UK as well as US. I travel a lot; it's always worth asking. Siarad Cymraeg (Welsh speaker).

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I’m a literary historian who focuses on the reflection of life in literature, especially regarding gender and sexuality. My primary geographical focus is medieval Wales, albeit of course with overlap with the rest of early Britain and Ireland. I also do some work with medieval chronicles and manuscripts. I finished my PhD in 2017 at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Recent Publications

‘Celtic Heroines: An état présent of of the contributions of women scholars to Arthurian studies in the Celtic languages’. Journal of the International Arthurian Society 7:1 2019 (120-139)

‘There and back again: Otherworld journeys across the Irish sea.’ Arthur, le Mer et le Guerre. Alban Gautier, Marc Rolland and Michelle Szkilnik, eds. Paris 2017 (67-81)

‘His mother did not raise a feeble son: Men, women and heroism in Welsh saga poetry and the englyn cycles’. Proceedings of the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain I and II. Christopher Lewin and Sioned Fflur Rhys, eds. Aberystwyth 2015. (67-76)

‘Gorau merch, gorau marchawg: Gendered ideals in the poetry of Guto’r Glyn’ in Gwalch Cywyddau Gwµr: Ysgrifau ar Guto’r Glyn a Chymru’r Bymthegfed Ganrif – Essays on Guto’r Glyn and Fifteenth-Century Wales. Dylan Foster Evans, Barry Lewis, and Ann Parry Owen, eds. Aberystwyth 2013 (376-391)

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Gender, Literary History, Sexuality, Women