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British immigration history, Italians, Scotland, Second World War Britain, Richard Llewellyn
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After reading history at Newnham College, Cambridge, Wendy Ugolini gained a doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. She was appointed to a British History lectureship at the University of Edinburgh in 2010. Her Ph.D. was awarded the Ratcliff Prize and, in 2012, her first monograph, Experiencing War as the ‘Enemy Other’, was awarded the Royal Historical Society’s Gladstone Prize. In 2016, Wendy was promoted to Senior Lecturer.

Dr Ugolini’s research interests focus on the relationship between war and identities in twentieth century Britain. She is particularly interested in migrant identities during the Second World War, in particular notions of dual identity, belonging and Britishness.

Her current research looks at social, cultural, military and political expressions of Welshness in England during the two world wars. As part of her interest in the interconnections between English and Welsh identities, she is also investigating the life of the twentieth century novelist, Richard Llewellyn.

Recent Publications

‘The “Welsh” Pimpernel: Richard Llewellyn and the Search for Authenticity in Second World War Britain’ Cultural and Social History (2019)

Co-editor, A Global Force. War, Identities and Scotland’s Diaspora (Edinburgh, 2016)

‘Untold Stories of Loss: Mourning the ‘Enemy’ in Second World War Britain’ Journal of War & Culture Studies 8:1 (2015)

Co-editor, Fighting for Britain? Negotiating Identities in Britain During the Second World War (Oxford, 2015)

‘”When are you going back?”: Memory, Ethnicity and the British Home Front’ in Lucy Noakes and Juliette Pattinson (eds.) British Cultural Memory and the Second World War (2013)

‘”The Sins of the Fathers”: The Contested Recruitment of Second-Generation Italians in the British Forces 1936–43’ Twentieth Century British History 24: 3 (2013)

‘”Spaghetti Lengths in a Bowl”? Recovering Narratives of Not ‘Belonging’ Amongst the Italian Scots’ Immigrants & Minorities 31:2 (2013)

‘The embodiment of British Italian war memory? The curious marginalization of Dennis Donnini, VC’ Patterns of Prejudice 46: 3-4 (2012)

Experiencing War as the ‘Enemy Other’. Italian Scottish Experience in World War II (Manchester, 2011)

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STV The People's History Show 4/06/18, BBC Radio Scotland 21/05/15, The John Beattie Show BBC Radio Scotland 9/03/15, The Sunday Morning Programme with Ricky Ross BBC Radio Scotland 9/11/14
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