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Södertörn University, Sweden
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Early modernity, Sweden, cultural history, political culture, migration, securitization, hospitality, trust, uncertainty, oaths, coronations, rebellions, war, military conflicts, borderlands, secrecy, privacy, private/public, gender, information control, statebuilding, diplomacy
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I received my PhD in History in 2017 at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), and am currently a researcher at Södertörn University (Sweden), at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies.

In my dissertation, I argued that the role of political oaths in early modern Sweden changed with the growing state and the rise of a written political culture. Instead of being aimed at establishing trust, oaths were used as measures of control.

My present research areas connect to the study of refugees and migrants during the early modern period. I investigate how hospitality merged with hostile actions when local communities decided whether to receive or reject these strangers.

I also have a research project studying the practice of state secrecy regarding rebellions; how states as well as local actors manipulated information flows, and how rebellious parties reacted. This research connects to statebuilding research, and I interact with scholars within Political Science and International Relations.

Recent Publications
  • “’You cannot pass’ The reception and rejection of a stranger in Helsingborg 1744”, in Christina Reimann & Martin Öhman (red): Migrants and the Making of the Urban-Maritime World (New York: Routledge, 2020) (forthcoming).
  • Susanna Erlandsson & Sari Nauman (eds.): Tillit och diplomati. En diskussionsbok om personliga relationer och diplomatiska processer 1670–1990 (Trust and diplomacy. A discussion on personal relationships and diplomatic processes 1670–1990) (Uppsala: Opuscula Upsaliensis, 2019).
  • “Social impact of war: Agency and everyday life in borderlands during the early 17th century”, by Martina Hjertman, Anders Kjellin, Sari Nauman, Gwilym Williams & Maria Vretemark, in International Journal of Historical Archaeology 2018 22:2, pp. 226–244.
  • Ordens kraft: Politiska eder i Sverige, 15201718 (The force of words: Political oaths in Sweden 1520–1718). (Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2017) (dissertation).
  • ”Winning a war with words: Oaths as military means in Early Modern Scandinavia”, in Scandinavian Journal of History 2014, 39:2 (peer-review), pp. 198–211.
  • “Gender, Power and the Oath: The Early Modern State and the Oaths of Allegiance”, in Ulla Manns & Fia Sundevall (eds.): Methods, Interventions and Reflections. Report from the X Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference, Bergen, August 912 2012. (Göteborg/Stockholm: Makadam, 2014), pp. 132–138.
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- Frequently hired for public lectures.Contributor to BBC 4 Radio Show When Greeks Flew Kites", episode: Promises, Promises. Aired on November 5, 2018, available at:
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