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France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies & Ieseg School of Management
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Management - Gender equality - Ethnic minorities - Discrimination - Violence - Inclusion - Diversity policies
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I am a research fellow at the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and a professor at IESEG School of Management in France.  My research investigates the place of human beings in companies. Over the past few decades, diversity has become a key political concern resulting in a proliferation of management standards. I explore the mechanism of these standards and their effects on diverse teams including ethnic minorities and gender equality. My research brings to point the organisational issues in a multi-level approach: the top executive managers, the middle management and the employees. I conducted numerous researches with international scholars in France, UK, Canada now United States of America. I was a visiting scholar at the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Canada and the San Diego State University. I developed partnerships with worldwide companies and institutions to reflect on diversity challenges at the political and organizational level. My book (in press) explains the role of migration issues in climate change through a historical perspective and current companies’ commitments to achieve sustainable development goals including justice, reduced inequalities and decent work efforts.

Recent Publications

Ackrill R., Caven V. & Alaktif J. (2017). Black Boxes’ and ‘fracture points’: The regulation of gender equality in the UK and French construction industries, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2017, 28 (21), 3027-3046.

Alaktif, J. & Callens S. History of climate change: migration and organizational commitments (in press, Elsevier, ISTE Publisher, 240 p.)

Alaktif J. & Callens S. (Forthcoming). “From individual to organizational transformation. A Foucauldian perspective on leadership.” In Neal, J. (Ed.), Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation, New-York: Springer, 2020.

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France, United States
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21st century
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Gender, Human Rights, Labor, Migration & Immigration, Politics, Race, Religion, Women