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Bullard Esq. Law, formerly professor of history at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, U.C. Berkeley Ph.D.
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Human Rights, Women's Rights, Trafficking, Contemporary Slavery, West Africa, Mauritania, Transcultural Psychiatry, Feminism, D.C. statehood, shari'a, blasphemy, apostasy, scapegoating, crowd psychology
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Alice Bullard, Ph.D & Esq. is a Washington DC based lawyer, with a practice in human rights, trafficking, personal status, and mediation. She serves clients in the USA and abroad. She has worked in human rights in West Africa since the late 1990s.  From 1994 – 2007 Bullard was a professor of history at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Georgia, where she co-founded the Human Rights Initiative with the generous sponsorship of the B Wardlaw Foundation. Her publications include Exile to Paradise, (Stanford University Press, 2000), Human Rights in Crisis, (Ashgate 2008),  Mauritania Look, The Struggle for Human Rights (IRA-USA 2014),  and Spiritual and Mental Health Crisis in Globalizing Senegal: A History of Transcultural Psychiatry, (Routledge 2022), as well as numerous essays.

Bullard earned her doctorate in history from the University of California, Berkleley and her juris doctorate from the Georgetown University Law Center. Bullard was a Fulbright Fellow in Paris, France, and has received more than twenty national and international fellowships and awards. She is licensed to practice law in Washington DC and Maryland.

Alice Bullard’s profile in Women in Foreign Policy is here.

Recent Publications

Alice Bullard writes on contemporary slavery with emphasis on West Africa, the Sahel and North Africa (Magreb), feminism, shari’a, blasphemy, apostasy, human rights, climate change and human rights, the history of transcultural psychiatry and more. Her essays are available on

Her books include:

Exile to Paradise, (Stanford University Press, 2000),

Human Rights in Crisis, (Ashgate 2008),

Mauritania Look, The Struggle for Human Rights (IRA-USA 2014)

Spiritual and Mental Health Crisis in Globalizing Senegal: A History of Transcultural Psychiatry (Routledge 2022)

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Experienced with broadcast interviews via Reuters, CNN, and numerous other outlets.
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Western Europe, France, French speaking lands (South Pacific, West Africa, North Africa), Washington D.C.
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Africa, France, United States, Western Europe
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19th century, 20th century, 21st century
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Environment, Gender, Human Rights, Law, Medicine, Race, Religion, Sexual Violence, Women