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Morgan Rueda
University of Nevada Las Vegas
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Legal history, history of childhood and youth, juvenile justice & delinquency history, transnational and borderlands history, history of the American southwest, Chicano/Latinx history, Public history, Art, Digital history and humanities.
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4th year PhD candidate at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My MA is in History & Digital Media from CSU San Marcos, and my BA is in Criminology, Law & Society from UC Irvine. My dissertation research focuses on the development of juvenile justice systems in the American southwest and the intersection of race, criminality, and the border in the policing and surveillance of youth. Additionally, I am interested in digital and public history as both a method of analysis but also as a way to better inform public policy and the criminal justice reform. Furthermore, I am a multimedia artist who works withing acrylic painting, digital collage, and photography mediums.

Recent Publications

Forthcoming September 2021

“The Dazed and Dangerous Delinquents of Sin City: Policing and Detaining Juvenile Delinquents in 20th Century Las Vegas,” eds. Thomas Kehoe and Jeffery Pfeifer. Chapter in forthcoming edited volume, Research History and Crime: A Transdisciplinary Approach, under contract with Emerald Publishing. 

Forthcoming Fall 2021

“Riding the Juvenile Crime Wave: Juvenile Delinquency, Race, and Gender in Postwar San Diego,” Journal of San Diego History. (accepted with revisions).

March 2021

“Coffee Table Books, Pulp Fiction Covers, and Courtroom Photography: Finding & Understanding the Art in Historical Interpretation,” National Council on Public History, History@Work Blog.

February 2021

“Humanities Heart to Heart: Learning to Embrace the Non-Normal,” Nevada Humanities Blog. 

Forthcoming Summer/Winter 2019

“Book Review: The Other Side of Assimilation: How Immigrants are Changing American Life,” Journal of the West.

Spring 2019

“Book Review: Hard-boiled Hollywood: Crime & Punishment in Postwar Los Angeles,” Journal of San Diego History 65, Spring 2019.

July 2018

“Collections as Data: Rethinking the Digital Archive in the Digital Age,” UNLV Special Collections & Archive Blog,

July 2018

“Collections as Data: The Process (and Complications) of Data Visualization,” UNLV Special Collections & Archive Blog,

July 2018

“Collections as Data & Digital History: Moving from Theory to Practice,” UNLV Special Collections & Archive Blog,

Summer 2017

“Book Review: Gendering Radicalism: Gender and Communism in TwentiethCentury California,” Journal of San Diego History63, Summer 2017.

Fall/Summer 2016

“Book Review: Contesting the Borderlands: Interview on the Early Southwest,” Journal of San Diego History 62, Summer/Fall 2016.

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19th & 20th
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Central America, Latin America, North America, United States
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19th century, 20th century, 21st century
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Art & Architectural History, Children & Youth, Family, Gender, Government, Human Rights, Law, Local & Regional, Migration & Immigration, Museums, Public History, Urban History, World War II