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University of Colorado, Boulder
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Modern India, Indian Legal History, Indian Political History, Indian Constitutional History, Gandhian Thought, History of Indian foreign policy, History of British Empire in India, colonialism and nationalism, law and empire, human rights, history of international law.
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I am a historian of modern India (1757-present) and of the British Empire.  I am an Associate Professor of South Asian history at the University of  Colorado at Boulder. I research, speak, and write on topics such as Law and Empire, Colonialism and Nationalism, International Law, Human Rights, Indian Constitutional History, Gandhian thought, and the History of Women in India. I am the author of India in the Shadows of Empire: A Legal and Political History, 1774-1950 (Oxford University Press, 2010). My work has also appeared in journals such as the American Historical Review, Law and History Review, Law and Social Inquiry, and International History Review.

Recent Publications


India in the Shadows of Empire: A Legal and Political History, 1774-1950 (Oxford University Press, 2010).


“The ‘Right to Wage War’ Against Empire: Anticolonialism and the Challenge to International Law in the Indian National Army Trial of 1945” in Law and Social Inquiry, 44:2 (May 2019): 420-443.

“Transcending Identity: Gandhi, Nonviolence, and the Pursuit of a ‘Different’ Freedom in Modern India” in the American Historical Review, 115:2 (April 2010), 453-473.

“A World of Illusion: The Place of Empire in India’s Foreign Relations, 1947-1962in the International History Review (June, 2010), 253-271.

“Justice, War, and the Imperium: India and Britain in Edmund Burke’s Prosecutorial Speeches in the Impeachment Trial of Warren Hastings”, Law and History Review, 23:3 (Fall 2005), 589-630.

Sedition, Law and the British Empire in India: The Trial of Tilak (1908)” in Law, Culture and the Humanities (January 2017 -Online Publication).

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