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van 't Westeinde
University of Bern
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Jerome of Stridon (Hieronymus Stridonensis), Pelagius, Roman Aristocracy, Jewish Life in Late Antiquity, Religious Conflict in Late Antiquity, Ecumenical Councils Ephesus 431-Chalcedon 451 CE, Coping Strategies in Religious Conflict (Antiquity), Socio-Economic background of religious competition, Individual Religious Agency in Late Antiquity, Religion in the later Roman Empire, Testament of Levi, Early Jewish Mysticism
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PhD Durham University (UK) in History of Religion, 2016.

Research Fellow at the Department of Ancient History, University of Bern (Switzerland). Project: The Role of Spatial and Temporal Agency in the Ecumenical Councils of the Fifth Century. A Case Study of Ephesus 431 CE and Chalcedon 451 CE (Habilitationsproject). This is part of an Interfaculty Research Project ‘Religious Conflicts and Coping Strategies’ (

Affiliated Researcher at the Department of Ancient History, University of Tuebingen (Germany), working on a book project ‘Jews and the City: A History of Jewish Urban Life and Space in Ancient Cityscapes (2nd-7th centuries CE)

Previously: visiting scholar at Aarhus University (2016), researcher and lecturer at Tuebingen (Institut fuer antikes Judentum und hellenistische Religionsgeschichte, 2016-2017), postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Kiel (Classical Archaeology, 2017-2018), Excellence Research Fellow at Tuebingen (Ancient History, 2018-2020).


Recent Publications

van ‘t Westeinde, J., (2021): Roman Nobilitas in Jerome’s Letters. Roman Values and Christian Asceticism for Socialites, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck (in press)

-. (2021): Sacerdotalisation and early Jewish mystical elements in the Greek Testament of Levi, in: Les écrits mystiques des Hekhalot et la ‘sacerdotalisation’ dans le judaïsme ancient, Colloque international à l’Université de Lausanne du 26 au 28 octobre 2015, Eds. D. Hamidovic, S. C. Mimouni, and L. Painchaud, « Judaïsme antique et origines du christianisme, 22 » (Turnhout: Brepols), 217-246.

-., (2020): Urban sacred spaces: interaction in the neighbourhoods of Roman Dura Europos, in RRE 6, 181-205.

. -. (2020): Roman Awe for Hellenistic Sanctuaries, in A. Müller and A. Haug (eds), Hellenistic Architecture and Human Action, Sidestone Press, 151-165.

-. (2019): Liberating Levi: a cultural evolutionary approach to Aramaic and Greek Levi beyond denominational essentialism, in We and They. Decolonizing Greco-Roman and Biblical Antiquities (Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity), Eds. J. Cahana and K. MacKendrick (Aarhus: Aarhus University Press), 75-96.

-. (2018): Not that far from a madding crowd: Jerome ‘exiled’ in Bethlehem, in Mobility and Exile at the End of Antiquity (ECCA), Eds. Jörg Ulrich, Dirk Rohmann, Julia Hillner, Margarita Vallejo Girvés (Frankfurt/M: Peter Lang), 229-245.

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Italy, Israel, Levant, Asia Minor, Balkans
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Mediterranean, Middle East
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Literary History, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Politics, Religion, Urban History