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Castaldo Lundén
Stockholm University
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red-carpet, Academy Awards, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood history, 20th century fashion history, fashion newsfilms, costume design, 20th Century and globalization, celebrity culture, popular culture, media history.
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I am a Doctor in Fashion Studies, graduated from the Center of Fashion Studies at Stockholm University. I hold an MA in Film Studies from the same institution and a BS in Public Relations from U.A.D.E, Argentina. I currently teach at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.

My research addresses the interrelationship between Hollywood and the fashion industry, focusing on the circulation of cultural and economic capital that helped propel the global fashion system. I am particularly interested in the historical study of media ecologies and discourses originating in public relations, advertising, and other communication practices to understand how ideas travel into popular culture, manifesting in social and cultural phenomena. My work is heavily driven by archival research and informed by media and cinema historical scholarship. The transdisciplinary nature of my research integrates business, fashion, media, and cinema history.

My book, Fashion on the Red Carpet: A History of the Oscars and Globalisation is forthcoming by Edinburgh University Press. It traces the liaison between Hollywood and fashion institutions, understanding how public relations campaigns and the media articulated fashion discourses around the Oscars leading to the institutionalization of the red-carpet as a fashion event in its own right. I am currently working a research project for the study of fashion news film in collaboration with the Media Ecology Project.

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