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Duke University
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Roman history, Roman law, slavery, families, ancient sexuality, ancient medicine, late antiquity, early Christianity, North Africa.
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My research is centered on the social and cultural history of the Roman Empire, primarily through ancient texts on religion, law, and medicine.  I use these sources as evidence for the lives of enslaved people, free women, and families in the Ancient Mediterranean, especially those in late antiquity and in early Christian communities.

In addition, I am a Chicana from the U.S. Southwest who has joined in various efforts towards making higher education and the field of Classics more welcoming to first generation, low-income, and marginalized students.

Recent Publications

“Rebel Nuns and the Bishop Historian: The Competing Voices of Radegund and Gregory.” Studies in Late Antiquity 6, no. 1 (2022): 5–34.

“Sinful Slave-Owners in Augustine’s Sermons.” Journal of Late Antiquity 11, no. 1 (2018): 111–28.

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Ancient, Medieval
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Children & Youth, Family, Gender, Law, Medicine, Religion, Sexuality, Sexual Violence, Slavery, Women