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York College of Pennsylvania
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Medieval military history, late medieval England, military logistics, military medicine, late medieval complaint literature
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Dr. Ilana Krug received her B.A. in English Medieval Studies, History, and Classical Archaeology from Brandeis University (1996), M.A. in Art History from Rutgers University (1999), and second M.A. and PhD from the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto (2000, 2006). She specializes in late medieval England, particularly fourteenth-century English social, economic, political and military history, and broadly investigates the impact of war, natural disasters, taxation and corruption on the peasantry. She has published articles focusing on the social and economic effects of war logistics in the opening years of the Hundred Years’ War, as well as on the use of honey in military medicine, and is presently working on an interdisciplinary book dealing with the role of honey in medieval England.

Recent Publications

Recent peer reviewed articles:

Ilana Krug, “Food, Famine, and Edward II’s Military Failures” Journal of Medieval Military History 16 (2018): 63-77.

Ilana Krug, “Feeding Mars: Military Purveyance in the Long Fourteenth Century” in Fourteenth Century England vol. 10, ed. Gwilym Dodd, (Woodbridge, 2018), 67-88.

Ilana Krug, “The Wounded Soldier: Honey and Late Medieval Military Medicine” in Wounds and Wound Repair in Medieval Culture, eds. Kelly DeVries and Larissa Tracy (Leiden, 2015), 194-214.

Other recent publications:

Ilana Krug, “The Practicalities of Managing an Army: Medieval Military Logistics”, Medieval Warfare Magazine 9:3 (July 2019)

Ilana Krug, “Military Provisioning During the Great Famine”, Medieval Warfare Magazine 9:1 (February 2019)

Ilana Krug, “Predicting the Future with the Help of Apollo, the God of Prophesy”, Ancient History Magazine 19 (December 2018)

Ilana Krug,  “The Rosetta Stone”, Ancient History Magazine 17 (August 2018)

Ilana Krug, “Prostitution in Ancient Rome: The She-Wolf”, Ancient History Magazine 15 (April 2018)

Ilana Krug, “The Logistics of the Norman Conquest – Crossing the Channel”, Medieval Warfare Magazine Special Edition (September 2017)

Ilana Krug, “The Sweet Side of War: Honey and Military Medicine”, Medieval Warfare Magazine 7:2 (April 2017)

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