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Food, medicine, Holocaust, ghettos, Lodz, 20th century, social history
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I received my BA in 2016 from the University of British Columbia and my MA from the University of Toronto in 2018.

My research interests primarily lie in the intersection of food, medicine, and/or social identity. This has led me to research: food in the Lodz ghetto during the Holocaust (and what it meant for power dynamics, medicine, and Jewish practice under extreme duress); dietary fat availability in Poland in the decade surrounding the fall of communism; and home baking in the United States in the twentieth century, to name a few.

Recent Publications

“The Power of Corporate Interests Over Home Baking” Nursing Clio (May 2019)

“Food in the Development and Implementation of Nazi German Policies in the General Government” in The More I Know the Less I Understand (2017)

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Poland, United States, Germany
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Eastern Europe, United States
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20th century
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Food History, Genocide, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Local & Regional, Medicine, Religion, Women, World War II