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Crusade, gender, sermons, hagiography, masculinity, femininity, violence, thirteenth century, missions, conversion, religion, propaganda
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My work examines Latin Christian polemics and what they reveal about the formation of gender and religious identity in the context of thirteenth-century crusading movements. Through investigating sermons, hagiographies, and letters, I explore the vital relationship between crusade initiatives and a specifically gendered pastoral care. I am also fascinated by the connections between Holy War and the lives of Holy Women. Therefore, I am currently examining the collective construction of sanctity and the role of holy women in embodying and transmitting the messages of Holy War in thirteenth and fourteenth-century Liège, Flanders, and the Levant.

Recent Publications

“Real Men Preach: Constructions of Clerical Masculinity in the Context of Thirteenth-Century Crusade Preaching.” In Gender and Voice in Medieval French Literature and Lyric, eds. Rachel May Golden and Katherine Kong. Forthcoming with the University Press of Florida.

“Condemned Sisters, Effeminate Brothers, and Damned Heretics: Ezekiel 23 and the Negotiation of Clerical Sexuality in the Thirteenth Century.” In Transcultural Approaches to the Bible: Exegesis and Historical Writing in the Medieval Worlds, ed. By Matthias M. Tischler and Patrick S. Marschner, TMS 1, 145-170. Turnhout: Brepols, 2021.

“Miraculous Rivers and Monstrous Cities: Landscapes and Gender Performance in Thirteenth-Century Crusading Culture.” Journal of Medieval History 47.3 (2021), Landscapes of Conflict and Encounter in the Crusading World, 394-412.

“Spain, Islam, and Thirteenth-Century Dominican Memory,” co-authored with Thomas E. Burman. Convivencia and Medieval Spain: Essays in Honor of Thomas F. Glick, ed. Mark T. Abate, 311-39. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

“Crusade and Reform: Jacques de Vitry’s Application of the Book of Revelation.” In The Use of the Bible in Crusader Sources, eds. Elizabeth Lapina and Nicholas Morton, 297-314. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

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Belgium, France, Levant
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Mediterranean, Western Europe
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Gender, Material Culture, Religion, Sexuality, Women