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University of Sheffield
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Early Judaism, Early Christianity, ancient Mediterranean religions, gospel of John, Revelation, apocalypse, ancient meal practice
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I am a Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, where I direct the Embodied Religion research theme. I’m also Deputy Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies.

Principally trained in both early Christianity and early Judaism, I approach religion in antiquity from an interdisciplinary perspective that challenges category assumptions about early Christian and Jewish literature. In my research and teaching, my goal is to showcase the intricacies of shared cosmological expectations among the communities of the ancient Mediterranean. I write about the intersection of cultural expectations in narratives from the Greco-Roman period, across religious boundaries, especially narrative-level rituals.

Recent Publications


– My Flesh is Meat Indeed: A Non-Sacramental Reading of John 6: 51–58. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2015


Journal Articles

– “Tasting the Little Scroll: A Sensory Analysis of Divine Interaction in Revelation 10:8–10.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 40.1 (2017): 101–119.

– “Teaching with Technology: Using Digital Humanities to Engage Student Learning” Journal for Teaching Theology and Religion 19.3 (2016): 309–319.

– “My Heart Poured Forth Understanding: 4 Ezra’s Fiery Cup as Hierophagic Consumption,” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, 44.3 (2015): 320–333.


Book Chapters

– “Human and Divine Justice in the Testament of Abraham” in The Embroidered Bible: Studies in Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha in Honour of Michael E. Stone. Edited by Lorenzo DiTommaso, Matthias Henze, and William Adler (Studia in Veteris Testamenti Pseudepigrapha; Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2017)

– “Tastes from Beyond: Persephone’s Pomegranate and Otherworldly Consumption in Antiquity” in Taste and the Ancient Senses (The Senses in Antiquity; Kelli C. Rudolph, ed; Routledge Press, 2017)

– “A Robe Like Lightning: Clothing Changes and Identification in Joseph and Aseneth.” Pages 137–153 in Dressing Judeans and Christians in Antiquity. Alicia Batten, Carly Daniel-Hughes, and Kristi Upson-Saia eds. Farnham, Surrey; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2017.


Conference Proceedings

– “Equal to God: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Sacrificial Scheintod” in Frederick S. Tappenden and Carly Daniel-Hughes, eds., Coming Back to Life: The Permeability of Past and Present, Mortality and Immortality, Death and Life in the Ancient Mediterranean. Montreal, QC: McGill University Library and Archives, 2017. [ ]

– “Jewish Identity in the Greco–Roman Diaspora.” Conference proceedings, University of Erfurt International Spring School. (2017) Archäologie Online [].


Dictionary, Lexicon, & Encyclopedia Entries

– “Seven Bowls, Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets.” End of Days: An Encyclopedia of the Apocalypse (Wendell Johnson, ed.; ABC-CLIO, 2017).

– “Joseph and Aseneth,” in 4 Enoch: The Online Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins, 2013).

– “Ancient Jewish Novels,” in 4 Enoch: The Online Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins, 2013).

– “Mark,” with Ian H. Henderson in The Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2003).

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