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Van Goethem
Kyushu University
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ancient history (6th through early 9th c.), capital cities, inscribed wooden tablets, historical archaeology, reception history, site divination, fengshui, Heian Jingu, reconstruction
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My main focus is on the Asuka, Nara, and early Heian periods, particularly on the layout of Chinese-style capital cities, on religious and philosophical thought underpinning the construction of these cities, and on inscribed wooden tablets (mokkan). I have also published on site divination practices in premodern East Asia and on the influence of fengshui thought on contemporary Japanese architecture. My current research centers on Heian Jingu, with a special interest in issues related to the (re-)construction of long-lost buildings, the deification of emperors, and changes in the shrine’s perception over the last century.

Recent Publications

‘Animated City: Life Force, Guardians, and Contemporary Architecture in Kyoto,’ in Fabio Rambelli, ed. Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan: The Invisible Empire (Bloomsbury, 2019).
‘Heian Jingū: Monument or Shintō Shrine?,’ Journal of Religion in Japan 7:1 (2018): 1–26.
‘Of Trees and Beasts: Site Selection in Premodern East Asia,’ Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University (JAH-Q) 1 (2016): 1–7.
‘Asuka-Fujiwara through Foreign Eyes – Research from Abroad,’ in 世界に伝えたい「飛鳥・藤原の魅力」記念講演資料集 (Research Institute for Ancient Japanese Studies, Meiji University and Committee for the Promotion of UNESCO Recognition of the Asuka and Fujiwara Area, 2016), 17–27.

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Material Culture, Religion, Urban History