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Fulbright, Université d'Oran 2
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Middle East, Postcolonial Arab, Global Cold War
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On leave, can only comment on background.

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« Golden Flies: Egypt’s Pharaonic Past in Multiple Mirrors », in Mercedes Volait et Emmanuelle Perrin (dir.), Dialogues artistiques avec les passés de l’Égypte : une perspective transnationale et transmédiale, Paris, InVisu (CNRS-INHA) (« Actes de colloques »), 2017.

“’Atoms for Peace:’ Hashemite Iraq and the Baghdad Pact during the Cold War.” In War and Geography; The Spatiality of Organized Mass Violence, Frank Jacob, Sarah Danielsson, eds. (Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 2017), pp. 263-296.

“’Dogs of Wall Street, Let Us Alone;’ Graffiti in Cold War Baghdad, 1953.” In Making of Arab Spring: Assessing Role of Civil Society through Cases of Innovative Activism, Cenap Çakmak, ed. (London: Palgrave Macmillan) (2016), pp. 17-33.

Recent Publications


“American Atomic Policy and Hashemite Iraq, 1954-1958,” US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: From American Missionaries to the Islamic State, edited by Geoffrey F. Gresh and Tugrul Keskin (Routledge 2018).

“Indemnity Against The Government”: Prisons and Prisoners in Hashemite Iraq During the Cold War,” Historical Yearbook 8 (“Nicolae Iorga” Historical Institute, Romanian Academy of Science) (Bucharest, Romania) (2017), pp. 85-97.

“Proxy Battle of the Cold War: Taxation in Hashemite Iraq,” Studia Historica Gedanensia, 6 (Gdansk, Poland) (2015): pp. 227-252.

“‘Asia and Adjacent Areas,’ Mohammed Fadhel Jamali’s Cold War Experiences,” Auto/Fiction, 1, 2 (Odisha, India) (May 2015), pp. 60-70.

“Alī al-Wardī, Texas Sociologist?” International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, 8, 2-3 (Exeter, UK) (September 2014), pp. 103-118.

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Algeria, Egypt, Iraq
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Africa, Asia, Middle East
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20th century
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Colonialism, Diplomacy, Economic History, Gender, Government, Local & Regional, Medicine, Military, Politics, Public History, Rebellion & Revolution, Religion, Sexuality, Technology