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Cornell University
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Russia, maritime history, transnational environmental history
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I earned my PhD in History from Cornell University in 2020. My research concerns foreign relations across the North Pacific region from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, with a focus on Alaska and Russia. My dissertation focused on how the fur seal industry structured relations between the United States, Russia, Canada, and Japan from the year that Russia sold Alaska to the United States (1867) to the year that those four countries agreed to put a stop to the killing (1911). The 1911 North Pacific Fur Seal Convention served as the first multinational treaty in history meant to protect an animal species, and it is largely considered wildly effective. As of 2021, when I joined the Women Also Know History list, I am a freelance academic editor specializing in editing PhD dissertations in the Humanities. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Recent Publications

Bosworth, Amanda. “After ‘Walrussia’: American, Russian, Canadian, and Japanese Fur Seals between Empires, 1867-1911.” PhD diss., Cornell University, 2020.

Bosworth, Amanda. “Barnum’s Whales: The Showman and the Forging of Modern Animal Captivity.” Perspectives on History 56, no. 4 (April 2018): 17-19.

Bosworth, Amanda. “In the Hands of One Nineteenth-Century Whaling Cooper: Finding Ourselves at Sea.” International Journal of Maritime History 32, no. 3 (August 2020): 573-595.

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