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University of Arizona
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political economy, political ecology, kinship, ethnicity, class, labor, intergenerational relationships
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I am a cultural and linguistic anthropologist specializing in human differentiation and stratification. My work incorporates mixed  methods and historical ethnography, including archival work.

I have conducted research in French Guiana (France), Haiti, and North America.

My master’s work centered on the history of beet sugar in 19th-century mainland France and its effects on the cane sugar market of the Francophone Caribbean colonies, in particular Guyane Française.

My doctoral research attempted to answer the question: what is the effect of the longterm threat of imminent displacement on intergenerational exchange? I worked on Tangier Island, Virginia, which is expected to be uninhabitable by 2040, but remains home to approx. 430 residents.

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United States, French Guiana (France), Haiti
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Caribbean, France, United States
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19th century, 20th century, 21st century
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Capitalism, Colonialism, Economic History, Environment, Family, Labor, Rural & Agrarian History