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consumerism, material culture, consumer citizenship, consumer society, early American republic
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I am a PhD Candidate in American History at the University of Cambridge. I am interested in the politics of consumerism, material culture, nationhood, and citizenship in the early America. My thesis is entitled “The Politics of Material Culture in the Early Republic, 1800-15.” A firm believer in the importance of engaging with the public as academics, I have completed internships in museum, curatorial, archival, and historic preservation with Colonial Williamsburg, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and the National Park Service’s Park History/Maritime Heritage and National Historic Landmark Programs. I received my MPhil in American History from Cambridge and my BA in History with a NIAHD Certificate in Early American History, Material Culture, and Museum Studies from the College of William & Mary.

Recent Publications

Contributor, Feast & Fast: The Art of Food in Europe, 1500-1800, eds. Victoria Avery and Melissa Calaresu (London: PWP, 2019).

  • Author, “Fair trade, slavery and the politics of sugar,” 82-83.
  • with Victoria Avery and Melissa Calaresu, “Food and politics,” 226-227.
  • with Victoria Avery, “Gillray’s Substitutes for Bread,” 228.
  • with Victoria Avery, “The Uncharitable Monopolizer,” 229.

Doing History in Public Posts:

“14. The Ace of Spades,” Advent Calendar 2019, Doing History in Public, 14 December 2019,

“Review: The Museum of the American Revolution,” Doing History in Public, 1 October 2019,

“‘No Stamp Act’: Pots and Politics in Early America,” Doing History in Public, 2 July 2019,

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American Revolution, American Founding Era, Capitalism, Economic History, Gender, Material Culture, Museums, Politics, Public History, Race, Rebellion & Revolution, Slavery, Women