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Gomez Betancourt
University of Lyon 2 - Lab Triangle
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history of monetary thought, feminist economics, history of gender economics
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I am full Professor of Economics at the University of Lyon 2 and Researcher at Triangle, UMR-CNRS. I got my Ph.D. in economics in 2008 at the University of Sorbonne, Paris.

I have held appointments as Visiting Professor at Universidad of los Andes, Bogota-Colombia, at Universidade Federal Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte-Brazil, and at De Paul University, Chicago. I served as President of the French Association for the History of Economic Thought. I am the director of the Master’s program in Theories and History of Economics at the University of Lyon 2.

My work focuses on the history of monetary thought (particularly in the U.S.), but also on women & economics, Latin American economic thought, US monetary history, and classical political economy. I have published on the history of the Federal Reserve System, the quantity theory of money, and monetary regimes in Latin America & India.

I am currently working on the history of the International Association for Feminist Economics. I live in France, between Lyon and Paris. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Recent Publications
  • Gomez Betancourt Rebeca (2022). “Political Economy of a Modern Missionary: E. W. Kemmerer in the Philippines”. History of Political Economy. Forthcoming.
  • Gomez Betancourt Rebeca, « Sir James Steuart: money, trade, and politics », Research in the history of economic thought and methodology, 2020, nᵒ 38C, p. 3-9.


  • Gomez Betancourt Rebeca et Maes Ivo, « Paul van Zeeland, a monetary economist between two worlds », European journal of the history of economic thought, 3 avril 2020, Published online, p. 1-15.
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United States, Latin America, France
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Latin America, United States, Western Europe
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