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Brazil, Afro-Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, slavery, Black urban geographies, Black history, Atlantic slave trade, slave cemeteries, urban planning, urban slavery, urban history, Atlantic slave ports, historical tourism, digital history, mapping slavery, contested urban spaces
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I moved from the US to Brazil in 2003 and was immediately confronted with issues of Color and Race in ways that were both instantly familiar and perplexingly enigmatic. In order to carve out space for myself in my new home, I launched my own inquiry into the subject.

As a Labor Historian, I wondered if differences in the institutionalization of chattel slavery as the primary nation-building labor force might account for why two countries, the USA and Brazil, that are so very similar in so many ways would end up with such different ideas around the matters of Color and Race.

My answers became the Afro Rio Walking Tour. This project employs digital media, urban mapping, tourism and the Black and African history of Rio de Janeiro to offer a free, self-guided tour of the Cidade Maravilhosa¬†that’s hidden in plain sight.

I’m an independent public historian and I like to bring my scholarship to life in accessible and unusual ways, intersecting with tourism, digital formats, and new materials for classroom settings.

I use the archives, of course, but also folklore, oral history, art, photography, graffiti, and sonic markers, because History is about people’s stories, and not about memorizing dates, wars and kings!

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17th century, 18th century, 19th century
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Capitalism, Colonialism, Emancipation, Gender, Genocide, Human Rights, Labor, Public History, Race, Rebellion & Revolution, Slavery, Urban History