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Revolutionary Movements, Russian Political Exiles and Emigres. Transnational Political and Cultural Networks, Russian Cultural History, Imperial Russia, Soviet history
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I am an Associate Professor of History at Villanova University where I teach courses on modern Russian history, the history of revolutionary movements, and the history of refugees and migration in Europe.  I served as the Director of the Russian Area Studies program at Villanova for 7 years and I am currently the Director of the Graduate Program in History.

My research focuses on Russian revolutionaries and the relationship between radicalism and the state. I focus on personal dynamics within revolutionary movements, gender identity within these radical groups, the position and experience of Russian refugees and exiles in early twentieth century Europe, and transnational humanitarianism in the era of WWI. My book, The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: Surviving the Russian Revolution was published by Indiana University Press in 2014. Currently, I am writing a study of Russian emigres in London in the era of World War I. This project explores the transnational activist networks that these Russian refugees built with British liberals, socialists and suffragists. Immigration policy and refugee issues are central to this work and provide a link to contemporary policy questions.

I wrote and filmed a 24 lecture video course for The Teaching Company’s Great Courses entitled, Understanding Russia: A Cultural History in 2018.  Currently I am writing another course for the Great Courses entitled The Great Revolutions of Modern History. These videos and accompanying course book will be published in 2021.

Recent Publications

The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: Surviving the Russian Revolution, Indiana University Press, 2014

Understanding Russia: A Cultural History. Video and Audio Course for The Great Courses. September, 2018

“Relief and Revolution: Russian emigres’ political remittances and the building of political transnationalism” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 15 January 2019: 1-17.

“Alien or Refugee? The Politics of Russian Émigré Claims to British Asylum at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” Journal of Migration History, 3 (2017) 229-253.

“The Most Dangerous Russian Connection,” Philadelphia Inquirer. 17 March 2017.

“Catastrophe Befell Our House: A Famous Family’s Struggle for Survival in the Russian Civil War.” In Russia’s Great War and Revolution: The Home Front, Slavica Publishers, 2016.

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Gender, Migration & Immigration, Rebellion & Revolution, Women, World War I