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First World War, Cartoon, Humour, Artistic memory and reproduction, Victorian, and wider British history
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Dr Philippa (Pip) Gregory completed her BA in Theology in Bristol in 2005, detoured through medieval literature for an MA, and then turned to teacher training. She taught secondary level RE, History and English for three years in Essex before returning to university education at Kent for another MA in modern history in 2011. This she followed with her PhD looking at cartoon humour through the Great War and its lasting memory and considered reproduction; she graduated in June 2017. Throughout her PhD, she worked at both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University, where she completed her PGCAP, gaining HEA fellowship, also in 2017.  She continues to teach at the two institutions.

A recent focus of Pip’s research is images of women through the First World War, and how they do not fit traditional perceptions of a ‘turning point’ for how women were understood during the period. She is also working on social controls and the Defence of the Realm Act, and its embodiment in the characters of ‘DORA’ and the Censor by cartoonists.

Her ongoing background research looks at the images produced in trench journals and hospital journals throughout the First World War; she is also cataloguing cartoon material for the artist William K. Haselden, using the University’s Special Collections Archive facilities. Pip is also undertaking active andragogical research for developing historical skills among her students, and particularly for international students who study other disciplines at home.

She teaches on modules looking at various aspects of modern British history from 1750 through to the Great War, and courses relating to twentieth century global history through to the 1960s. Working at both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University, she convenes a ‘British Studies’ module for visiting international students, which provides snap shots of British history from Stonehenge through to modern day Jewish London which are reinforced through lectures, seminars and visits to sites of historical interest.

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  • Gregory, P. (2018). First World War Cartoon Comedy as Criticism of British Politics and Society. in MacKenzie, I., Francis, F. and Bonello Rutter Giappone, K. eds. Comedy and critical thought : laughter as resistance. London: Rowman and Littlefield.


  • Gregory, P. (2017). review of Laughter and War: Humorous-Satirical Magazines in Britain, France, Germany and Russia 1914-1918,Reviews in History [Online]Available at
  • Gregory, P. (2015). Review of Humor, Entertainment, and Popular Culture during World War ITholas-Disset, C. and Ritzenhoff, K. A. eds. Reviews in History [Online]:N/A-N/AAvailable at


  • Gregory, P. (2016). The Funny Side of War: British Cartoons, Visual Humour and the Great War.
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