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University of York
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Archaeology, Fieldwork, Excavation, Mesolithic, Late Palaeolithic, Stone Age, Prehistory, Star Carr, oysters, shell middens, food, climate change, burial practices
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My research focuses on the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) period (c. 9500-4000BC), the end of the last Ice Age (c. 10,000-9500 BC) and the transition to farming (c. 4000 BC).

I have directed a number of excavations including recently the site of Star Carr – a world famous Stone Age site, as well as Howick, Baylet, and Flixton Island. I have also worked on shell midden sites in Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Portugal.

Themes I have worked on and am interested in are food and subsistence in the past, climate change, death and burial.

I do a lot of public engagement work with schools, local societies and collaborations with museums.


1999-2001 Sir James Knott Research Fellow, University of Newcastle

2001-2004 Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Newcastle

2004-2009 Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York

2009-2012 Senior Lecturer, University of York

2012- Professor, University of York

2019- Head of Department, Archaeology, University of York

Recent Publications

I have over 130 publications –

Milner, N., Conneller, C. and Taylor, B. (ed.) Star Carr, Volume 1: a persistent place in a changing world. White Rose University Press: York. 2018.

Milner, N., Conneller, C. and Taylor, B.  (ed.) Star Carr, Volume 2: studies in technology, subsistence and environment. White Rose University Press: York. 2018.

Blockley, S., Matthews, I., Candy, I., Langdon, P., Langdon, C., Palmer, A., Lincoln, P.,  Abrook, A., Macleod, A., Schreve, D., Bayliss, A., Taylor, B., Conneller, C., Deeprose, L., Darville, C., Kearney, R., Milner, N. Postglacial Human resilience and susceptibility to abrupt climate change: new insights from Star Carr. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2, 2018, 810-818

Media Coverage
2019 TV programme for Blinkfilms on Star Carr; 2018 Interview on "Finding Arthur"; 2016 , 2015, 2011, BBC Digging for Britain; 2013 Time Team Special on "Stone Age tsunami"; 2007 Ray Mears "Wild food"; 2007 Time Team special "Doggerland"; several radio 4
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British Isles, England, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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Environment, Food History, Material Culture