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photography, visual culture, New Deal, labor movement, farm labor, unions, social movements, working class history, mass culture, mass media
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My scholarship addresses how photography is a political force in American life.  I primarily work in the New Deal era, examining the political stakes of documentary photography, news photography, and the new picture magazines like Life magazine.  I focus on how social movements represent themselves, but also how what today we call “the mainstream media” represents social movements, and the dialog between such representations.  Am particularly interested in labor unions, agricultural labor, and the modern women’s movement.


Recent Publications

Dorothea Lange, Documentary Photography, and Twentieth-Century America: Reinventing Self and Nation (Taylor and Francis/Routledge) part of “Lives of American Women Series,” editor, Carol Berkin.  Expected publication, February 2019.

 Eyes on Labor: News Photography and America’s Working Class (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012).

“Imagining Racial Equality: Local 65s Union Photographers, Postwar Civil Rights, and the Power of the Real, 1940-1955,” Radical History Review,  Special issue on “Photography and the Histories of Working Peoples and Laboring Lives.”

“Ditched, Stalled and Stranded: Dorothea Lange and the Great Depression,” History Now: The Journal of the Gilder Lehrman Institute No. 45 (Summer 2016) available at

“Reframing Chicago’s Memorial Day Massacre, May 30, 1937,” American Quarterly, 60 no. 1, (March 2008): 129-157.

“The Sweat of Their Face: Exhibition Review, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution,” Labor Online, (June 2018), available at

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