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Irish Rebellions, Irish Literary History, Catholicism, Identity, Agrarian/Rural Life, 19th & 20th Century Ireland, Republic of Ireland, History of Connacht, Gaelic Revival
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I am an independent researcher of Modern Ireland.  I hold an Honors BA in English and a BA in History from The Pennsylvania State University and an MA in History from The College of William & Mary.  I also completed an International Studies program at The National University of Ireland, Galway, in 2015, where I completed research in Irish Studies.

Currently, I work as an editorial assistant for The Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture as well as a tutor of History and English at The Grier School.  I work independently to research and write novels that exist within a cultural and/or historical framework.

Recent Publications

My thesis consists of two papers, in which I explore concepts of
discourse, meaning, and rhetoric in different historical arenas and time periods with a particular focus on meaning production in times of crisis.

The first, “‘These Graves and Ruinous Houses’: The Role of Domestic Items and Spaces in Revolutionary Ireland,” explores the ways in which domestic items and spaces were perceived and subsequently used as tools of rebellion in a particular historical arena. I argue that through the use of domestic items and places for political purposes (and vice versa), both male and female revolutionaries and citizens witnessed a blending of societal roles.

In the second, “‘So Pertinacious Has Been the Misery’: Othering the Irish in The Illustrated London News, 1845-1849,” I contend that The Illustrated London News’ iconography of pity – and the pitiful – reinforces the othering of the miserable Irish as a way to jettison the culpability of the British government for the events and repercussions of the Great Famine.

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Ireland, Northern Ireland
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British Isles, Ireland
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19th century, Modern, 20th century
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Colonialism, Family, Gender, Literary History, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Military, Rebellion & Revolution, Rural & Agrarian History, Women