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University of Auckland
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China, East Asia, Christianity, religion, Mormon, Mormonism, women and religion
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I research modern Chinese social history, the history of charismatic global religious movements, and global Mormonism at the University of Auckland.

Recent Publications

China and the True Jesus: Charisma and Organisation in a Chinese Christian Church (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019).

“The Devil’s Tongue?: The True Jesus Church’s Uneasy Accommodation with Maoism, 1948-1958,” Modern China  44 (2018), no. 6: 652-682.

“Charismatic Moderns: Chinese Christian Print Culture in the Early Twentieth Century,” Twentieth Century China 42 (2017), no. 1: 26-51.

“Tale of Three Primaries: Critical Mass in Mormonism’s Informal Institutions,” in Joanna Brooks and Gina Colvin, eds., Decolonizing Mormonism: Approaching a Postcolonial Zion (University of Utah Press, May 2018), 229-262.



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