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polio, disability, gender, family, childhood, nursing, social history, Winnipeg,
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Can comment on historical contexts of polio in Canada. Not interested in/will not comment on the anti-vaccination position.

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I am currently  the curatorial assistant (history) at the Manitoba Museum. My job focuses on researching the histories of Winnipeg and Manitoba in anticipation of a new Winnipeg gallery and some updates in the existing galleries. I also write exhibit text and consult with community groups.

Prior to that I worked as a sessional instructor at the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba. I taught a number of introductory Canadian history classes as well as classes on the history of women and the history of education.

I have a BA (spec. hons.) and an MA from York University, Toronto Ontario. My PhD from the University of Manitoba (2013) is “It has impacted our lives in great measure’: Families, patients, and health care during Manitoba’s polio era, 1928 – 1953.”

My dissertation examines the broad social impacts of the multiple polio epidemics that occurred in Manitoba between 1928 and 1953, a period I refer to as the epidemic era. It argues that examining the six major polio epidemics as an era, and the disabilities it engendered are useful windows into twentieth-century social, nursing, disability, and family histories. It also examines the development of post-war rehabilitation programs, which worked to discursively transform people with an illness into people with a disability.

Recent Publications

Adele Perry, Esyllt Jones, and Leah Morton, eds., Place and Replace: Essays on Western Canadian History. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2013.

Leah Morton, “From Nose Sprays to Nursing Shortages: Managing Epidemic Polio in Manitoba, 1928-1953,” Manitoba History 66 (Spring 2011): 14-22.

Leah Morton, “Polio and the City of Winnipeg Archives,” A new home for the City of Winnipeg archives, October 2018, Archives,”

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