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Martínez López
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Royal history, international diplomacy and politics, dynasties and dynasticism, Habsburg, Early Modern Age, Spanish Monarchy, Women History
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I am a doctor in Early Modern History by the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid, Spain). I have specialized in royal, political and diplomatic European history in the XVI and XVII centuries and I recently defended my dissertation titled “El Imperio y Baviera frente a la sucesión de Carlos II. Las relaciones diplomáticas con la Monarquía de España (1665-1699)”. My current research is focused in the problem of Charles II’s succession, the diplomatic relationship between the Spanish Monarchy, the emperor Leopold I, prince elector Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria and the rest of sovereign states of the Empire, and the study of royal succession laws and customs in Early Modern Europe, especially regarding royal women’s succession rights and the conflicts they arised.

Recent Publications

“For Her Special Consideration:” Cultural and Diplomatic Demonstrations of Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria’s Position as the Heiress of the Spanish Monarchy (1673-1692)”, Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. Journal of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Issue 45 (2020), pp. 1-16.

“La defensa de los intereses de la reina viuda Mariana de Neoburgo en el ámbito internacional: las negociaciones de Juan Guillermo de Neoburgo con Ana I, Carlos VI y Felipe V a favor de la reina al final de la Guerra de Sucesión Española”,  Chronica Nova. Revista de Historia Moderna de la Universidad de Granada, 44 (2018), pp. 85-114.

“Pedro Manuel Colón de Portugal, duque de Veragua. Un Consejero de Estado en un territorio en disputa”,  Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie IV: Historia Moderna, 31 (2018), pp. 43-64.

“Consequences of the dynastic crises of the seventeenth century in the matrimonial market and their influence in the European international policy. The case of Maria Anna of Neuburg”, Anderson, Roberta; Suner, Suna, y Eisendle, Reinhard (cords.), Gender and Diplomacy: Women and Men in European and Ottoman Embassies for the 15th to the 18th century, Viena, Hollitzer Publishing, (expected for 2019).

“The Infanta will marry the person who provides the Peace or the one who give us the means to continue the War”. The negotiations for the marriage between the Infanta María Teresa of Austria and Emperor Leopold I (1654-1657)”, Royal Studies Journal, vol. 3, nº1, issue 4 (2016), pp. 6-27.

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Spain, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France
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British Isles, England, France, Germany, Mediterranean, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, Early Modern
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Diplomacy, Gender, Government, Politics, Women