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Apprentices, apprenticeship indentures, common law, legal history, economic history, social history, medieval England, urban history, London, guilds, craft guilds, reputation, public performance, diplomatic, debt, false imprisonment, Court of Common Pleas, youth and adolescence, education, gender.
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I recently completed my PhD on the development of apprenticeship indentures in England (1250-1500) (10.23889/SUthesis.59094).  My areas of research include socio-economic experiences of apprentices and masters, and the interplay between indentures’ form and content and the nature and aims of English craft guilds. Part of my research project has involved calculating the cost of maintaining an apprentice, the results of which strongly suggest that apprentices cannot be considered ‘cheap labour’.

My thesis also considered the legal position of indentures and apprentices within the framework of common law, and the diplomatic of indentures and temporal and regional developments in their form.

My research was aided by a Postgraduate Bursary from the Economic History Society in 2016.

I previously received my MA Medieval Studies from Swansea University, and hope to publish my thesis on the use of the plea of false imprisonment as a defence in debt cases heard at the Court of Common Pleas in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

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