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The AGC Museum, Winchester
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Medieval History, Queenship, Medieval Queens, Queens' Lands, Queens' Finances, Gender Studies, Medieval England, 14th Century, Dower
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I am a specialist of late medieval queenship, whose research focuses on the lands and administration of medieval queens. This ranges from their unique roles as female lords to the composition and complications of queenly estates and queenly dower. My research interests include queens’ lands and other financial resources, alongside the relationships between royal women as consorts and dowagers.

I have published work based on my research, including a co-authored chapter regarding the sources of queens’ lands and two biographies in the March 2021 issue of BBC History Revealed. I have also co-edited a special issue of the Royal Studies Journal, published in December 2019: Royal Studies Journal Special Issue: Ruling Sexualities, Vol 6.2. My other work includes chapters on queenly dower (forthcoming 2022) and comparisons of Iberian queens of England (co-authored and forthcoming 2023).

I am also a core team member of the Examining the Resources and Revenues of Royal Women in Premodern Europe Project (, which encompasses over 70 scholars from across the globe interested in developing research surrounding the various financial and administrative elements of European queenship.

When I am not working on medieval queens, I am the Assistant Curator (Archives) at the The AGC Museum.

Recent Publications

​Katia Wright, Edward Legon, and Matthew Storey, (eds.), The Royal Studies Journal Special Issue: Ruling Sexualities, 6.2 (2019).

Michele Seah and Katia Wright, “The Medieval English Queen as Landholder: Some Reflections on Sources and Methodology”, in Cathleen Sarti, (ed.) Women and Economic Power in Premodern Royal Courts (Leeds: ARC Humanities Press, 2020), 9-34.

Katia Wright, “Isabella of France” and “Philippa of Hainault”, in BBC History Revealed, March 2021, 39, 47.

Katia Wright, ‘A Dower for Life: Understanding the Dowers of England’s Medieval Queens,’ in Aidan Norrie, Carolyn Harris, J.L. Laynesmith, Danna Messer, and Elena Woodacre (eds.), Late Plantagenet and Wars of the Roses Consorts: Power, Influence, Dynasty (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023).


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