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Kansas State University
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Dogs for Defense Inc., World War II, history of the human-animal relationship, history of pet keeping, American home front, use of animals in warfare, children in wartime, social history, cultural history
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Hannah is a PhD student at Kansas State University. Prior to coming to Kansas State, she received her MA in History from Northern Illinois University and her BA in History from Purdue University in 2014. Her research is focused on Dogs for Defense Inc., which formed during World War II by civilian dog fanciers. The organization convinced civilians to enlist their pet dogs for the war effort. Using the lens of moral obligation, and patriotism, she examines why dog owners participated in Dogs for Defense Inc. by donating their animals, even if they did not want too, or participated in raising money for the War Dog Fund. Her focus on social and cultural examination of Dogs for Defense Inc. honors the sacrifices made by dog owners, adults and children alike, who willingly donated their animals to the war effort. She is owned by a very, very, spoiled cat named Smokey.

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