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cryptography, cryptology, intelligence, computer science, technology, computers, computing, encryption, mathematics, hacking, cyber
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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago studying the history of cryptography. My primary research is in the political history of computer cryptography in the late 20th century United States, but I have also studied ciphers and codebreaking from other eras and places. I have completed the coursework for a MS in Computer Science at UChicago, and am experienced in explaining technical concepts–especially security concepts–to non-technical audiences. I have also studied the history of US intelligence services during the Cold War, the Hungarian Revolution, the history of mathematics, and the broader history of technology in the US, especially as relates to information networks and computing.

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“The Glorious Gridiron Cryptowars Imagined by a 1970s NSA Employee,”¬†Slate, February 2018.¬†

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