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Pompeii, Herculaneum, Roman archaeology, landscape archaeology, Geophysical Survey,
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I am an archaeologist who has relatively recently returned from Italy after 19 years of working and living there.

I am currently working at The University of Cambridge as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Dept. of Classics on a Pompeii project: The Bar of Amarantus and his Neighbours.

I completed a PhD and have been awarded a doctorate (University of Southampton) based on the results of the building survey of five Roman houses that I undertook for The British School at Rome’s Pompeii Project under the direction of Prof. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill.

I have appeared in three programmes on Pompeii as the expert

Until recently I was working at the University of Southampton for whom, in collaboration with The British School at Rome, I worked as a professional archaeologist conducting geophysical surveys. I have project managed over 100 geophysical surveys since 2003 and have had the privilege to work on a vast number of archaeological sites in Italy as well as further afield in Sudan, Libya, Turkey and Tunisia.

Recent Publications


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