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Northern Virginia Community College
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History of technology, broadcast technology, theater technology, technology in the public sphere, technology as tool of resistance, Cold War, Central Europe, 1968
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I have recently completed my dissertation on the role of broadcast technology in creating a public sphere and as a tool of resistance in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Prior to my graduate studies, I worked as a grip/gaffer/stagehand/technician in theaters and in video and film productions. Working with my husband, we have produced hour-long historical documentaries on such topics as the Japanese-American internment in World War II, the translation of the King James Bible, and the early use of guns in the Hussite Revolution of the 14th century. My hands-on experience as a technician informs my work, and allows me to see the human, creative side of technology.

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Towards a Portable Public Sphere: How Technology Created a Discursive Space in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Dissertation published in 2017.


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Frequent guest on the YouTube livecast "The NonSequitur Show": Cold War Underground , "Tales from the Secret Police" ,
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