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Cardiff University
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Carthage, Hannibal, memory, war, gender, North Africa, Persians, Sasanians, Near East. frontiers, late antiquity, Romans, Mediterranean, reception, Caucasus, Arabian Peninsula,Iran, Zenobia, Shirin, Dido, Sophonisba
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I look at the social history and archaeology of ancient world, focused on those outside the Roman Republic and Empire.  Carthaginians and Persians mostly but I am broadly interested in the memory and depiction of the ‘other’ in the ancient world.  Interested in how today’s world reflects the past and how the past has created many of our perceptions of today’s political and social events.  I am also fascinated by women in power in Antiquity, currently working on the Sasanian Queen Shirin.

Recent Publications


Hannibal, A Hellenistic Life (Yale University Press) soon out in paperback as Hannibal: The Life and the Legend (August, 2018)


‘New Star Trek Klingons are rooted in our own Distant Past’ in The Conversation (Oct. 13th, 2017)

‘The Fake News That Sealed the Fate of Anthony and Cleopatra’ in The Conversation (Jan.13, 2017)

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North Africa and Middle East, Mediterranean
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