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I am Adjunct Professor in North American History at the Humanistic Department of Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy. My research interests focus on the history of Canada and the United States, and the relationship between cultural and social rights in Canada. My most recent publications cover US environmental policy, Canada’s sovereignty over the lands and waters of the Arctic. In past I have obtained a Canada Grant (2012) at the John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien, Freie Universität Berlin, a Faculty Research Grants/Bourses de recherche International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) (2007), and a Travel Grant from the Italian Association for Canadian Studies (AISC) (2006).

Recent Publications


  • Canada e Quebec: Un problema di identità nazionale (1947–70) [Canada and Quebec: a problem of national identity] (Roma: Viella, 2009),
  • (ed.) Percorsi migratori e accoglienza fra storia e politiche di gestione [Migration routes and migrant reception: history and policies ] (with Pia G. Celozzi Baldelli; Roma: Aracne, 2009),
  • (ed.) La Guerra Fredda nella satira politica Est/Ovest [Cold War and political satire] (with Pia G. Celozzi Baldelli; Roma: Aracne, 2010).


  • The Northwest Passage: Water and Land between Canada and the United States in Die Arktis stirbt / The Arctic is Dying / L’arctique est en train de mourir. The Far North of Canada and Québec: A Fascinating Habitat Facing Extreme Challenges, Bories-Sawala, Helga E.; Ditze, Stephan (eds.), WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2020, pp. 55 – 71.
  • Elezioni Usa 2016:come cambia l’America in “Rivista Studium”, nov./dic. 2017 – n. 6 – ISSN 0039-4130, pp. 1035-1044.
    – Go North! Environment, Sovereignty and Resources in Canada (1968-1975) in Green Canada/Vert Canada/Verde Canada (ed. Oriana Palusci), PeterLang 2016, pp. 31-39.
  • Natura e Uomo nel progetto Documerica in “Ácoma. Rivista internazionale di studi nordamericani”, vol.5 “Green Studies”, peer-reviewed, Autunno 2013, pp. 50-62
  • “Everything’s connected to everything else.” The DOCUMERICA photographic campaign on the natural and social environment and the costs of progress in the America of the 1970s in Proceedings of the XXI AISNA Biennial Conference Trento, October 26-29, 2011. A cura di Lisa Marchi e Giovanna Covi.
  • America the beautiful: Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress legislation for the environment, in Conferência Parlamentos a lei, a prática e as representações. Da Idade Média à Actualidade (60 ICHRPI): procedimiento/Conference Parliaments : the law, the practice and the representations from the middle ages to the present day: proceedings, a cura di Maria Helena Cruz Coelho, Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro, Assembleia da Republica, Divisao da Edicoes, Lisbon, 2011, pp.461 – 467;
  • The importance of Parliamentary exchanges in the relationship between Europe and North America, in Atti del 59th Conference of ICHRPI – International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions (Alghero, 9-12 luglio 2008), a cura di F. Soddu – A.M. Nieddu, EDES, Sassari 2011, pp. 399 – 409;
  • Trudeau and the Parliamentary Debates on Defence Policy (1969-1970) in Actes du 57e congrès de la CIHAE : Assemblées et parlements dans le monde, du Moyen-Age à nos jours [Proceedings of the 57th ICHRPI Conference : Representative and Parliamentary Institutions in the World, from Middle Ages to Present Times] sous la direction de Jean Garrigues, Eric Anceau, Frédéric Attal, Noëlline Castagnez, Noëlle Dauphin, Sabine Jansen et Olivier Tort, Assemblée nationale, Paris, 2010, pp. 141-151
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