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Hertford College, University of Oxford
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Four nations history, British history, history of political organisation, history of political language, history of political culture, history of elections, history of Scottish nationalism
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I am a College Lecturer in History at Hertford College, University of Oxford, where I teach modern British and modern European history, as well as the history of history writing. My PhD thesis was awarded in June 2019. In January 2020, my PhD thesis was awarded a King’s College London Doctoral Studies Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis, sponsored by Elsevier. The prize was nominated by my thesis examiners.

My research to date has focused predominantly on reactions to proposals for an Irish parliament and the emergence of a campaign for Scottish devolution in the late nineteenth century, and on the theoretical and methodological implications of ‘four nations’ history.

My PhD thesis established the place of the Home Rule crisis in the history of political culture, language and organisation in late nineteenth-century Britain. It demonstrates mass engagement with the policy on a scale previously unfathomable and seeks to disprove the notion that the public did not care about it.

My thesis employs a ‘four nations’ framework, which seeks to move away from Anglocentric generalisations and consider this period in history holistically, from the point of view of the grass-roots in England, Scotland and Wales, treating each nation with parity.

My research also offers a comprehensive history of the activities of Scotland’s early Home Rulers and their campaign for a restored Scottish parliament. It argues that their anti-Union rhetoric, justifications for devolution and tense relationship with leading politicians are all of contemporary relevance today.

I am also interested in how the use of quantitative methodologies and ‘big data’ can be of use to historians. My PhD thesis draws upon a range of databases and marries statistical analysis with a close reading of sources.

I received a First Class Honours degree in History from King’s College London in 2009, graduating top in my class. I received a First Class for my MPhil in Historical Studies at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge in 2010. I also hold a Distinction in the Associateship of King’s College London. My PhD attracted over £65,000 in funding.

Recent Publications

Scotland and the First Home Rule Movement: National Identity, Political Culture and the Liberal Party, 1886-1914 (contracted to Edinburgh University Press in Mar. 2020)

‘The 1892 General Election in England: Home Rule, the Newcastle Programme and Positive Unionism’, Historical Research, 93:259 (Feb. 2020), 73-104 (open access)

Naomi Lloyd-Jones and Margaret Scull (eds.), Four Nations Approaches to Modern ‘British’ History: A (Dis)United Kingdom? (Palgrave, 2017)

‘A new plea for an old subject? Four nations history for the modern period’, with M. Scull, in Four Nations Approaches to Modern ‘British’ History: A (Dis)United Kingdom? (Palgrave, 2017), pp.1-31

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘Liberal Unionism and Political Representation in Wales, c.1886-93’, Historical Research, 88:241 (Aug. 2015), pp.482-507

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘Liberalism, Scottish Nationalism and the Home Rule crisis, c.1886-93’, English Historical Review, 130:539 (Aug. 2014), pp.862-887

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, Book review, James Owen, Labour and the Caucus, Working Class Radicalism and Organised Liberalism in England, 1868-1888 (Liverpool, 2014), Parliamentary History Review, 34:2 (June 2015), pp.276-278

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘United Kingdom: Four nations or one?’, ‘Today’s History’ feature, History Today, 65:2 (Feb. 2015), pp.22-25

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, Book review, James McConnel, The Irish Parliamentary Party and the Third Home Rule Crisis (Dublin, 2013), Irish Studies Review, 22:4 (Nov. 2014), pp.530-532

Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘Separate Scotland?’, ‘Today’s History’ feature, History Today, 64:8 (Aug. 2014), pp.34-6

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