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University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
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prisons, prisoners, penal history, resistance, organizations, social control
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I study criminal punishment from historical, sociological, and sociolegal perspectives. Broadly, I seek to understand the causes and consequences of penal change, focusing especially on the role of organizational settings and actors, throughout Western history. Specifically, I am interested in how prisons became institutionalized in the American penal landscape. My two other central areas of inquiry involve questions about the causes and consequences of prisoner behavior and the relationship between the social construction of deviance and social control.

My book manuscript is about Eastern State Penitentiary, its exceptional retention of long-term solitary confinement throughout the nineteenth century, and the prison administrators who remain committed to their heavily criticized approach to incarceration.

Recent Publications

Rubin, Ashley T. 2020 (forthcoming). The Deviant Prison: Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary and the Origins of America’s Modern Penal System, 1829-1913. Cambridge University Press.

Rubin, Ashley T. 2019. “Punishment’s Legal Templates: A Theory of Formal Penal Change.” Law & Society Review.

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Rubin, Ashley T., and Michelle S. Phelps. 2017. “Fracturing the ‘Penal State’: State Actors and the Role of Conflict in Penal Change.” Theoretical Criminology, Vol. 21, Issue 4, pp. 422–440.

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Rubin, Ashley T. 2016. “Penal Change as Penal Layering: A Case Study of Proto- Prison Adoption and Capital Punishment Reduction, 1785–1822.” Punishment & Society, Vol. 18, Issue 4, pp. 420–441.

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Rubin, Ashley T. 2012. “The Unintended Consequences of Penal Reform: A Case Study of Transportation in Eighteenth-Century London.” Law & Society Review, Vol. 46, Issue 4, 815–851.

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