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air pollution, Brazil, foreign aid, development policy, Development Projects, International Organizations, Global Governance, Latin America, Mexico, Mexico City, PAHO, Panamerican Health Organization, São Paulo, United Nations, UN, urban environment, Urban Environmental Management, urbanization, water pollution, World Bank, WHO, World Health Organization, REDPANAIRE, UNCHE
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Sabrina was born in the Rhineland area, where she lived until she moved to Aachen for college. After completing her studies in Aachen and Düsseldorf, Sabrina earned a Diploma and a teaching qualification (state exam) in history and Spanish with a minor in education and philosophy from RWTH Aachen University. Prior to beginning her PhD research in the history department at the Bundeswehr University in Munich, she worked for several years as a high school teacher. Sabrina now works at the Autonomous University East Belgium.

Sabrina is especially interested in the history of urban development policies on environmental issues. Her current project Discovering Urban Environment as a Field of Development Policy focuses on early urban development projects on air pollution management in Mexico City (Mexico) and water pollution management in São Paulo (Brazil). For her project, Sabrina did extensive archival research at the World Bank (Washington, D.C. – US), the United Nations (New York – US), the World Health Organization (Geneva – Switzerland) and several archives and libraries in Brazil.

Recent Publications
  • Sabrina Kirschner: Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit im urbanen (An-)Wassersektor: Entwicklungspolitische Lösungsansätze für die (Ab-)Wasserprobleme São Paulos in den 1950er bis 1970er Jahren. In: Christian Henrich-Franke / Claudia Hiepel / Guido Thiemeyer / Henning Türk (Eds.): Grenzüberschreitende institutionalisierte Zusammenarbeit von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Baden-Baden  2019, pp. 157-190.
  • Sabrina Kirschner: Governing Urban Environmental Problems in Developing Countries: Mexico City, São Paulo and the Discovery of Urban Environmental Problems as a Field of Development Policy. In: Jahrbuch für europäische Überseegeschichte 16 (2016), pp. 187-203.
  • Sabrina Kirschner: Fighting against Urban Air Pollution: Mexico City and its Participation in the Pan American Air Pollution Sampling Network (1967–1980). In: Comparativ, 30(1/2), pp. 142–159.
  • Podcast Anno…  : 045 – Die Umwelt als Feld von Entwicklungspolitik in São Paulo und Mexiko-Stadt
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