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medieval, gender, women, military, nobility, political
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“The War of the Two Jeannes and the Role of the Duchess in the Fourteenth Century.” Medieval Feminist Forum51, no. 1 (2015): 4-40.

“Weathering Thirteenth-Century Warfare: The Case of Blanche of Navarre.” The Haskins Society Journal25 (Nov. 2014): 205-222.


Academic Articles In-press

“Peace, War, and Gender,” a chapter in “A Cultural History of Peace in the Medieval Age,” edited by Walter P. Simons (forthcoming: Bloomsbury Press, 2018).

“Pirate, Traitor, Wife: Jeanne of Belleville and the Categories of Fourteenth-Century French Noblewomen,” a chapter in “Medieval Elite Women and the Exercise of Power 1100-1400: Moving Beyond the Exceptionalist Debate,” edited by Heather J. Tanner (forthcoming: Palgrave, 2018).

“Weak Cowards, Foreign Monsters, or Shrewd Strategists?: Defining ‘Women’ and Their Roles in Warfare in Thirteenth-Century Francophone Writings” a chapter in “Representations of Women Warriors and Female Aggression,” edited by Tracey-Anne Cooper and Christine Senecal (forthcoming: Brepols Publishing, 2019).


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“What the Middle Ages Show about Women Leaders.” The Atlantic(Feb. 8, 2016):

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Diplomacy, Gender, Military, Politics, Women