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Lancaster University, University of Southampton, Historical Association
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Tudor England, Stuart England, ballads
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I am Associate Vice-President of the Historical Association, Honorary Researcher in History at Lancaster University and Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton. I am a folk singer, classically-trained soprano and former music teacher, with a PhD in history from Manchester University and a PGCE in music from Edge Hill University. My research focuses on early modern (Tudor and Stuart) England and, in particular, the ways in which sixteenth-century political and religious upheavals were reported in ballads. I have published in journals and popular magazines, as well as advising the BBC on music for their Great History Quiz: The Tudors, which was broadcast nationally on BBC2 on Christmas Eve 2015. Singing the News is my first monograph. It argues that Tudor ballads had a significant role in spreading news because there was no regular or reliable alternative source of information.

Recent Publications

February 2018, Singing the News: Ballads in Mid-Tudor England (Routledge).

November 2016, ‘Verse Epitaphs and the Memorialisation of Women in Reformation England’, Literature Compass, Volume 13, Issue 11, pp. 701–710.

November 2016, ‘Teaching and Learning Guide to “Verse Epitaphs and the Memorialisation of Women in Reformation England”’, Literature Compass,Volume 13, Issue 11, pp. 744–774.

December 2015, ‘William Elderton’s Ladie Marques Identified’, Notes and Queries.

September 2015, ‘Bolton School 500/100’, The Manchester Genealogist.

2011, ‘Out and About in Bolton: Industrial Revelation’, The Historian, (109), pp. 28-31, (co-authored with David Clayton).

2009, ‘Culture Shock: The Arrival of the Conquistadores in Aztec Mexico’, The Historian, (104), pp. 6-12.

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Music Consultant - Great History Quiz: The Tudors (BBC2 2015)
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, Early Modern
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