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Northumbria University
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International History, Transnational History, Russian Revolution, Anglo-Russian Relations, Paris Peace Conference, Tolstoy
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My research focuses on international history in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I am particularly interested in Russia’s relations (both cultural and diplomatic) with the west, the history of the Russian revolution and the Russian civil war, and the post-first world war peace settlements. I have published on Russia’s border states at the Paris Peace Conference, Russian émigré organisations in the west, and have written a biography of New Zealand linguist and publicist Harold Williams, who reported and advised on the Russian Revolutions. My most recent monograph focused on the influence of Tolstoy’s Christian Anarchist thought internationally. I am currently working on a book project which focuses on Russian dissidents, émigrés and revolutionaries and their international networks, from the late tsarist era to the present.

Recent Publications

‘News of the Struggle: The Russian Political Press in London 1853-1921’, in Constance Bantman and Ana Claudia Suriani da Silva (eds.), The Foreign Political Press in Nineteenth Century London: Politics from a Distance (London: Bloomsbury, 2018) pp. 155-174.

‘Encounters on the Eastern Front: The Royal Naval Armoured Car Division in Russia 1915-1920’ War in History, first published online: November 17, 2017

‘Tolstoy: the Kreutzer Sonata’ in Gaby Mahlberg and Cesare Cuttica (eds.), Patriarchal Moments (Bloomsbury, 2015) pp. 139-146.

‘Introduction: Transnational Solidarities and the Politics of the Left 1890-1990’, in a special issue of the European Review of History / Revue europeene d’histoire 21:4 (August 2014) pp. 447-450.

‘From Steamroller to Empty Chair: Russia’ in Alan Sharp (ed.), 28th June: Sarajevo 1914, Versailles 1919 (Haus, 2014) pp. 90-116.

‘”A Great Host of Sympathisers”: The Doukhobor Emigration and its International Supporters 1895-1905’ Journal of Modern European History 12:2 (April 2014) pp. 200-215.

Tolstoy and His Disciples: The History of a Radical International Movement (IB Tauris, 2013), 301pp.

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Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Western Europe
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Diplomacy, Human Rights, Politics, Rebellion & Revolution, World War I