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Mississippi State University
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Early Modern Europe, History of Science, History of Medicine, Body Politics, Women's History, Gender History, Occult History, Witchcraft, Sexuality
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I am a current PhD student at Mississippi State University and one of few recipients of a Super Teaching Assistantship. I received my Bachelor’s at Oglethorpe University where I received the Leo Bilancio Award for outstanding student of history. My research interests are early and modern European history of science, medicine, gender, and the occult. My current research looks at the relationship of witchcraft, demonic possession, and melancholia. I reanalyze the current historiography of the field and re-examine several sources to demonstrate the current scholarship of the intersection of the three is inadequate and by re-examining their relationship scholars may better understand early modern understandings of women, specifically the feminine body, and medical/supernatural diagnostics as well as what constituted normal versus abnormal bodies.

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Britain, France
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England, France, Ireland, Western Europe
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, Early Modern
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Disability, Gender, Medicine, Science, Sexuality, Women