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Roy Chowdhury
Queens College, CUNY
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Modern World History, Modern France, Modern India, Modern Middle East,
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I work in modern world history with research and teaching interests in the history of modern Europe, modern India, and the modern Middle East. I am especially interested in twentieth-century literature produced in these areas, in the forgotten texts of the interwar years, the world wars and of the Indian freedom movement.

I am currently working on two book manuscripts. One is on the intellectual culture of interwar French military officers. The other is a historical novel set during the 1947 Partition of India.

I enjoy writing in different keys (those who know me will recognize my Round Table) and can’t recommend the practice enough.


Recent Publications

The First World War, Anticolonialism and Imperial Authority in British India, 1914-1924 is available here:

I also have an interest in creative writing. My historical novel The Communist Cookbook, set during the Second World War in India, was published by Penguin and excerpted in Livemint India:–The-Communist-Cookbook.html

It is available here:

I also write on digital media and history. Here are some examples of my writing:

“All Tech is Human: and Some Humans are Crooks”        498809ed2291

Morgan Library and Museum, New York:

“How to Disagree with a Mughal India Scholar When You are not a Mughal India Scholar,”

“Reading Nehru in the Age of Modi” 

“Reading Nehru in the Age of Modi-2”

“Before Brexit there was Brenter – and That was Tough Too!”

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Asia, France, India, Western Europe
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Colonialism, Human Rights, Literary History, Military, Politics, World War I, World War II